A growing number of companies are looking at open source BI solutions as an alternative to the large commercial BI vendors.  Lower cost and more flexibility are two major selling points that are gaining traction and acceptance in companies large and small.  Open Source BI vendor Pentaho provides a Business Intelligence suite that includes reporting, analysis, dashboards, data mining and data integration capabilities. The software offers a flexible and comprehensive infrastructure to build customizable BI application solutions.  To get more information on Pentaho, click on the logo above or contact us.


Currently what is known as OBIEE is the former Siebel Analytics application that Oracle acquired in 2005.  OBIEE contains many individual components but its core is the Oracle BI server which is the semantic layer where the various data sources are defined.  Oracle BI Answers is the web front end which allows for ad-hoc query and analysis against the Oracle BI Server.  OBIEE Plus is the former Hyperion System 9 components.  This includes the Workspace, Interactive Reporting, SQR, Web Analysis and Financial Reporting.  The Hyperion applications including Essbase are sold separately but can be integrated into System 9 workspace.  To get more information on Oracle BI, click on the logo above or contact us.