BI Evaluations:

Whether you are looking for a BI solution for your entire enterprise or for a departmental project, we can help you select and deploy the most cost effective BI technology for your needs.

We will also assess your current BI implementation and provide practical recommendations so you can get the most out of your current implementation and provide a plan for expanding BI in your organization.


If you are implementing a new BI system or upgrading your existing BI system we can assist with capacity planning and system architecture enhancements that will allow you to get the most our of your BI investment.

System Administration

After the system is installed and configured we can help you develop a plan to monitor and automate management of the system. We will work with you to create back up, and disaster recovery procedures utilizing best practices to maximize the uptime and response of your BI systems. Practical BI can also provide remote and onsite support long term to manage your system.

Data Integration/Data Management

One of the keys to any successful BI initiative is having your data organized to allow for information to be accessed quickly and accurately. Combining data from multiple sources presents challenges in data quality and defining consistent business definitions. Practical BI can help you define the best way to move, organize and define your data.

Report/Dashboard Development

Turning your data into information that you can understand and act on is the end result of your BI initiative. At Practical BI we assist you in finding the best way to view and analyze your data so that the information can be acted upon. We work with you to design relevant reporting solutions for the proper audience. This begins with an understanding of your business goals and ensuring that the reporting solution gives you the information necessary to measure if those goals are being met. We then explore the many ways this information can be delivered to you through dashboards, MS Office and mobile devices.


At Practical BI we help you define a training program that ensures not only how to use your BI tools but how to best use them in your organization. As part of this tailored program we work with you to identify your BI user community and identify the right tool for the right user. We also incorporate your company culture and work with you to create a BI branding to promote and encourage BI usage. This tailored training helps your organization maximize your BI acceptance and therefore your BI investment.

Change Management

Technical solutions are only successful if they are used. At Practical BI we understand the people side of a successful BI initiative. We work with you to develop a strategy to effectively communicate and promote your BI initiative. We also help you create a competent BI user community by providing ways for users to share knowledge and provide feedback through internal user groups and competency centers.

Health Checks

At Practical BI we believe in sharing our knowledge with you long after our completion of the project. We are committed to ensuring long term success with the solutions we provide. We follow up with you and keep you up to date with new product features and tips that allow you to continue to maximize your investment and long term success of your BI initiatives.